Steps to Seal Beautiful Granite Properly

Granite is a rock that comprises numerous minerals heated into magma deep in the earth’s core, then pushed up to just under the surface of the planet. Quality granite slabs are placed on a conveyor belt and one side is selected to be polished. It is then fed through a series of grinding wheels in order to polish it for a shiny, smooth finish. In spite of its hard surface, this type of natural stone is riddled with small cracks and fissures that get filled with debris, thereby staining the finish.

Granite SlabStaining can be prevented through sealing that fills these fissures in slabs. Sealing granite is an easy process requiring little time and a few materials.

Let’s have a discussion on the steps for professionals to undertake when it comes to applying a sealant to granite slabs:

1. Clean the countertops or slabs by rubbing with a neutral cleaner as per the directions on the label. When the granite is tainted to the point where a neutral cleaner is not enough to remove the stain, you are recommended to use an alkaline cleaner in respect with label directions.

2. Dry the granite slab with a cotton or microfiber cloth until it is completely dry. As the granite needs to be dry thoroughly before applying the sealer, allow the countertop to dry immediately if necessary.

3. Get a clean, soft cloth or a thin coat of sealer along with a lamb’s wool applicator pad in long smooth strokes.

4. Allow the sealer to dry in accordance with the directions on the label. Usually water-based sealer takes 15 minutes and solvent-based sealer takes 30 minutes.

5. Apply a second coat of sealant but do not allow it to entirely dry before you polish it thoroughly with a cotton or microfiber cloth.

6. Check the granite for streaks and if lines are present, apply more sealer and buff it again. Repeat the process till the streaks are removed.

Granite is a natural stone mined from quarries placed around the world. Its beauty, durability and color variations make it an ultimate countertop material.


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