Excellent Tips for Choosing the Best Quality Granite Tiles

Granite is one of the most popular natural stones that offer a plethora of advantages as a home building and designing material. Quality granite tiles from renowned exotic granite tile suppliers are priced by quality and you should know that using poor quality building material for your kitchen surface may cause serious problems. For instance, low quality granites involve the chances of getting more heavily pitted or easily scratched. They may even twist over time or split during installation or after. Sun Marble has expertise in wholesaling and distributing the best granites from Brazil, Spain, Taiwan, Turkey, Italy, China, India, Greece, France, Portugal, Egypt and many others.

Granite Tile

You can think of your granite like a diamond as the price reflects the quality you’re going to get over the years.  Here’s a checklist for customers to avoid buying bad granite tiles for your home.

Hairline cracks

Granite slabs may contain several weak flaws and hairline cracks along which the tile can break easily. Go for quality product as cheaper natural stone tend to contain more hairline cracks. Slabs can shear too after fitting in case there is any movement, and replacing a slab after all, the entire installation is done a difficult task.

Inconsistent thickness

Poor quality granite may not have the same thickness for its whole length. So, always remember to have a look along the edge while buying, even if it’s not immediately obvious. The thickness has to be consistent; otherwise it will need to be bolstered during fitting, costing you headaches and time.

Edge polishing

A fine polished edge requires around an hour’s labor per foot length and basically lasts forever. Finest granites are properly polished unlike those of poor quality; however, using a spray on wax will give them the shine that obviously wears off quite fast. Wax can be simply scratched off with the edge of a coin.

Choose the best supplier and for this you can get references and check customer service records of the leading suppliers. Consult a reputed wholesaler and ask about their procedures, guarantees, long you’re they has been in this business besides products specifications and other details.


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