Top Tips for Buying the Right Granite Countertops

Before you start shopping for impressive granite countertop, here is a leading a Kansas City Tiles Importer offering top tips to help you choose a product that is not only attractive, but also durable. This article will get you the inside scoop on how to spot quality products and installation and what to ask for from renowned Granite Suppliers in Des Moines.

Granite Countertops

  • Don’t settle on your sink. Reputable fabricators (granite installers or manufacturers) will use the sink’s template when cutting into the granite countertops. These templates are provided by the sink’s manufacturer and they are best fit dimensions for the type of kitchen sink you give them. Drop-in sinks usually require less cutting than under-mount sinks, but an under-mount sink will give your counters a nice clean finish. Consider picking out your kitchen sink before finalizing your granite decision.
  • Look over your granite closely. Take note of any natural pits and hairline cracks. These features add to the natural beauty of granite; however they may also require some extra care during fabrication (especially when the thickness of the surface is less than 1 inch). Of course every situation is unique; when in doubt always ask the Representative and your fabricator for their profession view or recommendation.
  • 3cm (1 ¼ in) thick countertops are the industry standard for residential installation. 2cm (¾ in) thick countertops are also widely available but these being more fragile and typically require laminate edges and additional supports. 3cm countertops typically cost more than 2cm countertops upfront, but the ease of mind and durability will be well worth the great investment.
  • There are lots of edge designs to fit your custom surface. Straight, Bull nose and Beveled edges are popular choices due to their ease and are often offered free of charge. The most important aspect to consider the distance between the bottom of the counter and the top edge of your cabinet door or drawer. The edge that you choose should end before touching the top of these regions so counter’s edge will not scratch or dent your cabinets. A reputed apartment kitchen countertop supplier will offer a sampling of edges, to provide you with countertops that are more appealing and better fitting with your home decor.
  • Seams are not always avoidable, but they don’t have to be scary or ugly. Sure, a seamless granite countertop offers a number of benefits such as the long polished look and feel. A seam can be distracting but proper placement will help maintain the beauty of your new kitchen. Seams can be placed in a obscured location (such as in the corner, or under the toaster oven), the mastics can be colored to match the countertop and they can be tight seams.

Today, granite is not exclusive to upper-end homes; everyone can transform their home with this hot commodity. Buying granite countertops from Sun Marble, a leading local granite provider, can offer you the best return on investment.


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