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Business Mission


We are a family-owned company Located in the Heart of America and honored to share with


you our InnoDeck composite decking products; the beautiful combination of nature and human




Situation Analysis


Industry Analysis


Trends: The decking and tiling industry has gone through many changes since the creation of


manufactured material and creativity of deck designers. Before manufactured material, like


InnoDeck’s DIY Decking and Tiling, was created, decks and tiling was made from traditional


treated wood. Today, consumers have a lot more options on the look of their deck and tiling and


the material it is made out of. InnoDeck’s DIY Decking and Tiling is an eco-friendly solution


to consumers wanting to use recycled material for their projects. Consumers are attracted to the


do-it-yourself aspect of the decking and tiling and the little to no maintenance that is involved.


The manufactured material does not sustain any damage from all weather, does not splinter, and


lasts more than twice as long as traditional wood material. InnoDeck has created a unique design


which gives a sleek look to a consumer’s deck or tiling.


Competitors: There is a large number of manufactures and distributors of manufactured decking


and tiling material. InnoDeck has an advantage over other competitors because they have created


an eco-friendly product, made from recycled materials.


Customer Profile: The marketplace has changed drastically from most consumers using


contractors and traditional wood material to a do-it-yourself, eco-friendly market. Consumers are


much more conscious about the material they use that could harm the environment and saving


money where they can. The InnoDeck DIY decking and tiling caters to many consumers because


the product is made from recycled wood material, plastic, and additives. It is very easy to install,


which eliminates the use of a contractor, and the consumers saves money in the future because


the decking and tiling has little-to-no maintenance and does not have to be replaced every 10


years like traditional wood decks.


Technology: InnoDeck has developed and manufactured a durable, long-lasting product made


from recycled wood dust, plastic, and additives.


SWOT Analysis




• Production costs


• Eco-friendly company


• Durable, reliable products


• Warranty for product support and piece-of-mind




• Lack of retailers for easy, in-person purchasing


• Advertisements


• Price




• Opportunity cost for future savings


• Easy to use and install


• Little-to-no maintenance


• Do-it-yourself technology


• Eco-friendly




• Competition


• Cheaper alternatives


• Availability


• Might not meet standards of some cultural groups


• Decking may not be up to code


Marketing Objective


This year’s objectives at InnoDeck are going to be different approaches compared to other tile/


decking companies. There are a lot of assumptions when it comes to decks and tiles; usually


the female picks the design and the male installs it. This year, we are aiming for a way to attract


both male and female customers by introducing an easier method to install the tiles. The tiles


itself will have all of the same qualities as other leading tiles such as: durability; color retain;


and desirable patterns. In addition to these qualities, we will be creating special tiles that are


easy to install for both male and female, using the easy-click design. This design allows the


consumer to purchase the desired tiles, and apply them without professional help, all while


maintaining amazing visuals. Revenue will increase because we are targeting both male and


female audiences. Also, the simple, DIY tiles will also attract many customers, not to mention


that they are also easy to maintain.


Marketing Strategy


Target Market Strategy:


Consumers, both commercial and residential, all across the United States and international


markets who need durable deck like areas installed. InnoDeck will focus its direct sales efforts


within the United States but will ship globally allowing sales from all over the world.


Marketing Mix


Product: InnoDeck is a line of interlocking tiles that provide an environmentally friendly way


to build a deck, patio, terrace, balcony, courtyard, etc. They may be used on hard exterior and


interior surfaces, under all weather conditions for residential and commercial applications. They


are constructed from composite wood and recyclable, environmentally friendly modular tiles.


Place/Distribution: InnoDeck’s corporate office is located in Lenexa, Kansas. This has very


little to do with how the product is distributed. This product is available for order online and


can be shipped anywhere in the United States and internationally. InnoDeck has also placed its


product in home improvement stores all across the United States to allow consumers to pick up


on a moment’s notice. This interactivity should help cut down on cognitive dissonance.


Promotion: InnoDeck will have displays located in home improvement stores across the


United States so that consumers may get a visual of how the finished product will look and how


easily the tiles snap together. Consumers will also be able to feel the durability of the product.


InnoDeck will also position itself at home improvement shows across the United States to get its


product seen by hundreds of builders and homeowners at once.


Price: Consumers will be able to purchase the tile, accessories for the tiles, the interlocking


pieces, railing and railing accessories. While initial cost of InnoDeck is more than natural wood,


the durability and life of the tiles will far be a better buy for the consumer.


Implementation, Evaluation, and Control




• Implement video displays in home improvement stores. These videos displays will give


suggestions of where the tiles can be installed.


• The video will illustrate how easily the tiles are to install.


• The video will show the colors and styles that are available.


• The display will also give the website which will also show the videos and where to


purchase the tiles.


• Include in each package of tiles, a customer survey.




• Evaluate the increase or decrease in sales of the new marketing plan


• Evaluate the increase or decrease in market share after the launch of the marketing plan


• Evaluate on product innovation. More colors or styles needed from customer surveys


• Should any part of the marketing plan be adjusted to include or exclude nay current parts




• Review manufacturing costs


• Review selling price


• Customers will be able to access the survey online or fill out a hard copy and return the


manufacture at no cost.


• Part of what the survey will ask is:


o How and where the tiles were used


o How easy was installation


o Where did the customer hear about the product


o Where was the product purchased


o What attracted the customer to the product




Social media websites such as Facebook now includes more visual content on the news feed,


such as videos and photos. A user who finds a video/photo presses the “like” button which


shows their interest in the content, which is then posted on the users’ news feed for others to


view and “like”. This process would lead to the content spreading-making it more popular-which


is what all advertisements hope to achieve. This method could be used as a way of advertising


for Innodeck. For example, a chimpanzee-a smart animal, just behind humans-could be trained


to install the DIY innodeck tiles. After the training, we could film a video of the chimpanzee


applying the tiles. This would give out the message of how easy it is to install the tiles, while


having a sense of humor at the same time. The video would then be published at famous social


media sites such as YouTube and Facebook, and people would continue spreading the video






InnoDeck will continue to evaluate its consumer’s satisfaction and day to day operations to make


sure it is performing efficiently. InnoDeck will always be observing new ways to promote its


product. We will continue to improve our product if/when necessary. .


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