5 Advantages of Granite

The task of building a house or even just remodeling is daunting and can often become more work than what you had bargained for.  One item that is often over looked until it is time to take care of it is your countertop.  You may be considering a granite or marble countertop but are leery because of the price. Yes granite can be very expensive especially depending on the color and style you choose but you must consider these 5 advantages of granite to understand why it is worth the price.

5. Like Nobody Else:  Granite is highly variable and can be completely different from slab to slab.  By going to a supplier like the one here you can hand pick your slab for your contractor or fabricator ensuring you love the color, pattern, and style for your countertop.

4. Durable: After sealing your new granite countertop they are scratch, stain, and chip resistant and often last 15-20 years if taken care of properly.  Just make sure you love the color!

3. Low Maintenance: Like in number 4, sealing your countertop makes it durable but it also makes clean up very easy.  With just a bit of warm water, a sponge, and maybe some soft non-acidic soap can easily clean any mess. See this for steps on how to clean your granite.

2. Hard: Granite is an incredibly strong rock and is among the hardest natural substances in the world.  In my house I used to not even use a cutting board and just cut right on my granite countertop because it didnt leave scratches or marks.  I ended up replacing all of my knives and cutlery because the granite had made them dull.

1. Attractive: Frankly, granite is an incredibly beautiful stone that is a constant conversation starter in my kitchen.  When we have friends and family over the kitchen is often where we end up and my wife and I get complements all the time.  I cant say enough how much we love our countertops because it makes our kitchen warm and inviting.  I can honestly tell you that it was one of the best decisions we could have made in our home.


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