What is granite?

Granite is a natural stone that is classified as an igneous rock meaning it has a granular and/or crystal like structure.  Granite comes in many different colors and styles but are classified in five main color categories: black, red, brown, yellow, and green.  Now there are many different color variations in these categories, for example, white and grey are categorized as black.

Granite does not have the ability to be pure black or pure white because of its natural crystals and variations – these pure colors can only be found with marble. Not only does granite come in different colors it has several different finishes such as gloss, honed, and leather. Gloss finish is that high polished counter top or floor in the hotel bathroom and lobby that you often see.  Honed is less common and has a flat color to it that is not quite as popular yet very classy.  The third is leather finish where the stone has been roughed up with a brush making the top uneven and porous but is then polished for a soft and clean finish.

Some of the most popular types of granite are Blue Pearl, Uba Tuba, Black Galaxy, and Delicatus White!  Sun Marble in the Kansas City Area would love to help you decide what is right for your granite needs so stop by to our showroom or give us a call at 913.438.3366 and look through our granite inventory in our warehouse!


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